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Vehicle Required

Coach Hire Aberdeen

Coach Hire Aberdeen knows that the city has never failed to attract tourists and are committed to give a huge amount of contribution in serving them with its luxury coach hire facilities. It has dozens of major tourist destinations and we at Coach Hire Aberdeen are experienced enough to transport you to all of them successfully. We also have an in depth knowledge about history and attractions of each place. Describing all of them will not be feasible, so allow us to describe some of the most famous destinations of the Aberdeen city.

Coach For Any Events

If you want to take your travelling crew to the beautiful gardens, don't forget to consider Duthie Park Winter Gardens. It's a well maintained fantastic public garden with playing facilities for the kids and a café to quench the thirst of your refreshment. This place is very much recommended for a family picnic or having a walk with your pets. You will surely be mesmerised by the indoor greenery because there is a huge variety of tropical plants. It's a suitable place for all age groups. We can take you here comfortably by our Aberdeen Coach Hire facilities and you can always ask further information about this place at Coach Hire Aberdeen.

Another great place to explore with your travelling crew is the Old Deeside Railway Line which comes from the Ballater to the Aberdeen city. It's the most recommended place for bicycle riding. You can also walk here while looking at its beautiful scenery and smelling the fresh air.

Travel To Your Destination

The environment is very green and healthy so it suits for all age people. The road for bicycling begins from Ruthrieston to Holburn and then Duthie Park. You can even enjoy travelling for few minutes in a diesel train here. All in all, it is a bliss from nature and our luxury coach hire facilities can take you to this place with no travelling hassles. We will be glad to tell you more about this place if you contact us at Coach Hire Aberdeen.

The Balmedie Beach needs no introduction as it is a very famous place in the Aberdeen city. It is most suitable for surfing and various beach activities like playing volleyball or just sipping a coffee or having delicious food at the restaurants over there. You can also go to the City Beach if you are looking for a less crowded destination. At Coach Hire Aberdeen, not only we can inform you in detail about both of the beaches but we can also take you to the various destinations like this by our luxury coach hire facilities. Allow us to describe the benefits of hiring our services.

Comfortable Large Vehicles

The first reason to hire us is our comfortable seats. We know how important role seats play in our journey and that is why we have placed the fine quality leather seats in our coaches for your utmost comfort. You also get a plenty of storage place and overhead storing racks to keep your minibars safely and an overhead heating system to keep you warm in the cold days. Our Coach Hire Aberdeen drivers know all the roads of the city and they will also assist you in the journey. We provide many bonus facilities like free WiFi, power sockets to charge your phones, a fridge to keep your drinks cool and fresh, and DVD players along with stereo speakers to play your favourite tracks.

We are dedicated to serving our customers with satisfaction so feel free to ask any questions about our Coach Hire facilities. So, plan your next journey with us, focus on the enjoyment and leave all your travelling hassles to us. We will be waiting to serve you at Coach Hire Aberdeen and to wish you bon voyage.

Minibus Hire With Driver

The Aberdeen city is blessed with its beautiful destinations. The Aberdeen Maritime Museum, the Balmoral Castle, the St. Machars Cathedral, the Duthie Park Winter Gardens, and the Balmedie beach are the most popular locations of the city. But at Minibus Hire Aberdeen, we know much more than that. We can also take you to many more destinations like this with our minibus hire with driver facilities. But, allow us to describe some of the unique destinations which are equally worth visiting than the ones we mentioned above.

Minibuses For All Locations

Books are the best companion a man can have and all the intellectual people will love to visit the Central Library here. Even if you don't like to read much, you will definitely be impressed by its beautiful architecture. The staff at this place will assist you all the way and you will get a huge variety of books to choose from. They even have the children's section. The overall look and feel of this place are very royal and everyone who visits the Aberdeen city must come here at least once. Our Minibus Hire facilities will bring your travelling crew here very comfortably. For any further questions about this place, you can always contact us at Minibus Hire Aberdeen.

Another great place for exploration is the Westburn Park. If you want to feel the natural beauty of a park along with playing tennis then this is the only place that can give you the joy of both. It's a bit away from the main road and in the lap of nature. There is also a playing field along with a place to skate for your children so all these merits make it a perfect family place to enjoy a picnic.

You can also come here with your friends. If you are a teacher in search of an ideal place to visit with your students, this is the most recommended destination for you. Feel free to contact Minibus Hire Aberdeen for further information about this place. Not only we can help you suggesting the most suitable location for your purpose, we can also take you to your favourite destinations by Minibus Hire facilities. Let us describe some of the numerous benefits you will obtain by hiring our services.

Minibuses With Comfort In Mind

Seats play a vital role in any bus journey and at Minibus Hire Aberdeen, we have provided you with the finest quality leather seats so that even an old age person can sit comfortably during the journey. The flexible push back facilities and durable seat belts add up to its merit. We have plenty of storage for your luggage and we also provide you with overhead racks to keep your mini bags safely. We also have separate storage arrangements for your fragile items. There are many other facilities we provide during the journey like free Wi-fi, power sockets to charge your electronic items, a fridge to keep your beverages cool and fresh, and the overhead heating system to keep you warm on the coldest days.

Minibus Drivers

Our drivers are very friendly and experienced enough to know all the routes of the city. We have also given them the high connectivity cell phones so that you can stay in touch with them when you are exploring a place outside the coach. The booking procedure of Minibus Hire Aberdeen is also very easy and you can reach us through any popular medium of communication like telephone, email, fax, or cell phones. We take pride in serving our customers with satisfaction so don't hesitate to ask us any question about our Minibus Hire facilities. Book your next journey at Minibus Hire Aberdeen, and enjoy your favourite destinations to the maximum leaving all the travelling hassles up to us. Have a nice day and bon voyage.

Our Services

Getting an opportunity to visit and tour in Aberdeen is once in a lifetime. Since Scotland is prominently known as a land with mountain wilderness in every corner of the country, it can be a hassle to explore without a vehicle. It can also be particularly difficult especially in a larger group of people. However, this can be made truly easy by using a coach hire service.

Thus, visiting different landmarks such as castles and ruins will not be an upsetting situation. Even Aberdeen's point of interests like historical whiskey distilleries, old towns and settlements, ski resorts, and royal homes can be toured easily by a coach hire.

Quality Coach Hire

At Coach Hire Aberdeen, we make sure that only the best quality coaches are offered for your disposal. We are pleased to offer you only the ultimate coach services that we have developed over the years. With our company, there is no slip up, delays, and unexpected disruptions. That way, we know that you will have the best time in Aberdeen. With years of experience in this field of service, we have figured out how to give first class coaches without compensating the quality and service.

Though there are travellers who think that rental coaches are not a viable idea, in truth, it is among top things to do first if you wish to tour Aberdeen. Likewise, it is best to get a coach hire due to its availability and affordability for group outings. We also understand well how a vehicle affects your travel enjoyment.

Customise Your Travel

Choosing that one perfect vehicle and being particular of the type of coach is typically normal. It only demonstrates that ease and the luxury of traveling weigh heavily to you as a passenger. We know that picking out the right one to benefit your needs is difficult. That is why enlisting Coach Hire Aberdeen to service you around the beautiful coastlines and other places is made inexpensive and easy.

We have also extended our service quality through employing only the most alert and responsive staff that can immediately provide and arrange your required coach. Simply send us an inquiry and we will respond fast and precise to reduce wasted time. We also take in special requests for pick up and drop off to add an extra ease and comfort on your part.

Even if there are abundant coach companies in the region, we at Coach Hire Aberdeen unparalleled in terms of price and amenity. Our company is customer based, meaning we put you as our priority. Our service and work portfolio is varied in covering different events and destinations in Aberdeen. We can cover academic group tour, wedding guest transportation, concert shuttle service, and even business tours.

Luxury Coaches

VI Coaches also place great emphasis on passenger's safety. We have made all our rental coaches properly maintained, inspected, and suited for safety before hitting the road.

We have installed the latest entertainment system on board. The seats are leather covered, the floor is carpeted and the windows are tinted. We can also add an onboard WiFi connection upon your request for staying online while on the go. We even have ample luggage storage for large bags or equipment. Overhead lights, arm rest, temperature control system and water closets for larger coaches are installed as well. Worry no more of being cramped in a humid coach, because with Coach Hire Aberdeen, we make sure that you will have generous leg room and elbow space.

Coach Hire Aberdeen has a flexible and immensely reliable coaches with varied seating capacities. We have coaches that can provide 15 up to 70 seats to board you and your entire entourage. Therefore, we are perfectly capable and fully equipped to meet your travel demands. The variation of vehicles partnered with experienced drivers in Aberdeen can create a tour like no other. This means we will be able to bring yours to the hidden and numerous land treasures we have in Aberdeen. For coach hire details to bring you to the different tourist spots, just contact us through our website or drop us a message in our email. We can also be reached by phone.

Reliable Drivers In Aberdeen

Stop being too fussy or worried about traveling. Even if you are too picky with the transportation vehicle, we can guarantee you perfect and satisfying service. Our chauffeurs are well trained in this line of business. They are familiar with the roads of Aberdeen and can manoeuvre around traffic efficiently making no delays or interruptions on your trip. We know that no one wants to be trapped in the middle of nowhere or getting late to a special event. That is why a rental coach is the best option for group travels. It can become even better with Coach Hire Aberdeen.

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