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49 Seater and 50 Seat Coach Hire

49 Seater and 50 Seat Coach Hire

The Aberdeen city is the city of nature. It has many parks and natural sights that are enough to fill your vacations with joy and ecstasy. It also has museums, art galleries, clubs and pubs, castles, and theatres to make it your favourite travelling destination.

At Coach Hire Aberdeen, we are experienced enough to describe you each destination in detail but doing it here won't be a practical task to accomplish. So, let us explain the beauty of a couple of the unique destinations of the Aberdeen city along with the facilities of our 49-Seater and 50 Seat Coach Hire services.

The most mesmerising place of this city is the Highland Folk Museum. It's an open-air museum which covers more than 75 acres of land. Located between Cairngorm mountain range, it gives you a unique opportunity to understand the old tradition of the clans of this country. It is also very cost effective because you will be able to enter this place without paying anything. Its natural beauty and the fantastic weather conditions make you feel like heaven. This place provides the most favourable conditions to photography enthusiasts. At Coach Hire Aberdeen, we can provide you with an exclusive tour of this place to your large travelling crew by our 49-Seater and 50 Seat Coach Hire services.

Another attractive destination to explore is the Craigievar Castle. It looks very much like fantasy castle that we find in the story books. It is a fifteenth-century castle which has seven stories. You can find a well-crafted work of plasters in the halls of this place. It also has many secret stairs that lead you to secret rooms so all in all, it's a fantasy turned into reality. At Coach Hire Aberdeen, we have taken our tourists to many more beautiful destinations like this in our 49-Seater and 50 Seat Coach Hire services and you can always contact us for information, reference or assistance regarding any place that interests you. Allow us to describe the major benefits of hiring our services.

The facilities we provide at Coach Hire Aberdeen are completely oriented on the comfort, security and entertainment of our customers. The seats of our 49-Seater and 50 Seat Coach Hire services have pushback features and they are made with the finest seat leather available in the market. Our seatbelts ensure your security and our storage facilities have enough space to keep all your luggage with ease. We also provide overhead racks for smaller bags and separate storage facilities for your delicate items.

There are many bonus facilities you get by hiring our 49-Seater and 50 Seat Coach Hire services at Coach Hire Aberdeen. Some of them are the free Wi-Fi, power sockets to charge your electronic items, a fridge, and an overhead heating system to keep you warm in the winter. We also provide the cutting-edge DVD players along with stereo speakers during the journey and you can even play your favourite songs if you wish. Our drivers are experienced enough to be well aware of all the roads of this city. We have also given them the high connectivity mobile phones so you can stay in touch with them even while you are exploring the city outside the coach.

The booking procedure of our 49-Seater and 50 Seat Coach Hire services is very simple. You can hire our services through your telephone, fax, email, or mobile phones. Don't hesitate to ask any question about our services because your satisfaction means a lot to us. We will definitely be waiting for your inquiry. Have a nice day and bon voyage.